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About Us

The youth in our Missouri Mid-South Conference are vibrant, energetic, and most importantly, our future leaders in the United Church of Christ.  We value our youth and put forth every effort to help them grow personally and spiritually.  Our goal is to support and encourage the young people in our Conference - to build them up and lift them up to the Word of God!


Youth ministry can be challenging and is often considered an afterthought in many congregations, but not in our Conference.  We are extremely fortunate to have such a talented and devoted Youth Covenanted Ministry Team in place.  With their welcoming presence they are the leaders who have become role models in teaching and caring for our Youth.  Not to just serve them now, but to mold and guide them throughout their young adult lives and beyond.


The Covenanted Youth Ministry

accepts as its mission to:

  • Strengthen youth ministry

  • Encourage fair inclusion of youth

  • Evangelism

  • Act as a support network

  • Value young people and listen

  • Respect youth as individuals and celebrate diverse differences

  • Promote healthy relationships with boundaries

  • Combine teachable moments with fun

  • Offer a safe environment for all who to choose to participate

  • And truly believe the youth are our future!

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